Organic Weed Control

The other day I talked about the many weeds I currently have in my garden. I really let it get away from me as I have been spending my time remodeling my home. I started out using the tiller to get the weeds down between the rows of vegetables. However, that is some pretty hard work considering how tall the weeds have become. Today I am going to take my lawn mower and mow the weeds down between my squash and cucumber plants. Then I will roto-till the rest of the weeds that are there. Mowing them down first will be perhaps a little easier to till them under.

An old fashioned hoe will be what I use to get the weeds out from between the plants. What I really wish I had was what is used in the video I found for your enjoyment today. It would sure make it even easier to practice organic weed control!

What is your favorite method for getting rid of the weeds in your garden? Leave me a comment and share.

Obnoxious Weeds

weeds.jpgAlthough I love gardening, there is one thing that I really despise and that is a bunch of obnoxious weeds. I absolutely hate them. So you can imagine my dismay at the current condition of my vegetable garden…weeds, weeds and more weeds. It is beginning to become difficult to find my precious plants for the weeds. I have in essence a rather large, healthy weed patch.

Now, if you think that I have been slacking off and not doing my share of the work at home, you might want to visit my current entry over at Her Home Blog. I am blog-sitting for awhile and you can find out the latest, although not greatest, info on my home. I have been very busy with the renovation of it so that someday, hopefully soon, our family can move in.

So, anyway, back to my lovely, or not so lovely, depending on your viewpoint, weed patch. I decided that something just must be done about it and I can’t put it off any longer. So Friday night, I was found with a small tiller, trying to turn under some weeds between the rows of beans. I was tilling in the moonlight as it was much too hot to do it earlier. The two rows that I completed actually look pretty good today.

Monday will find me tilling more weeds under and then I will tackle the weeds between the plants. I suppose that the beauty of having your garden look so trashed, is that when you actually do something about the weeds, then whatever you do, becomes very noticeable. Your efforts can be appreciated by many.

Although I love having an old fashioned garden, I am surmising that perhaps my dad’s garden plan may be the way to go. He has raised beds and as such, has very few weeds that grow amongst his healthy garden plants. I may have to do something like that next year. Of course next year, I won’t be renovating a home too, so maybe I can keep up with the weeds.

What is your least favorite part about gardening? Leave me a comment and share.

Photo provided by Irish_Eyes

Eradicating Weeds in the Garden

One of the biggest sources of frustration for a gardener is our nemesis, the weed. Weeds seem to grow wherever they want, whenever they want. It doesn’t seem to matter if anything else will grow in that location or not. Invariably, a weed will grow and do it well.

So what are some options for getting rid of those pesky troublemakers? Of course there are many chemical solutions for weeds, but if you are looking for something a little more organic, then have I got a video for you! This week’s video is full of some really great ideas to get rid of those pesky weeds once and for all. And the video even explains why weeds grow and how we can inadvertently make things worse for ourselves. And who wants that to happen, right?

Now that you have seen the video, which techniques will you use in your garden? Do you have other solutions for getting rid of those nuisance-causing weeds? Leave me a comment and share.

Chives in the Lawn

chives.JPGWhile chives are a good addition to a fabulous recipe, most people don’t care for them in their lawn. Getting rid of pesky chives or wild onions in your lawn can be difficult and frustrating, but there are a few things you can do. If you don’t mind having the purple flowers in your lawn that the chives or wild onions provide, or you like the onion smell they emit each time you mow your lawn, then you can just ignore them and do nothing. But if you want to get rid of them, here are a few options.

Of course the simplest method is to dig them up every time you see them in your lawn. This is effective and organic, but it is time consuming and they can still spread if you are not careful.

Another method is to use a product such as Hi-Yield Kill-Zall or Round Up. These products contain a chemical called glyphosate. This chemical is effective because it works on killing all plant tissue. It is a non-selective weed killer. This means that it will kill not only the weeds in your lawn, but the grass too. Depending on the severity of the chive problem you have, this can make your lawn not appear very pretty until enough time has passed and you can re-seed your lawn. This is usually within 14 days from when you sprayed the chemical to begin with. Sometimes it will be even longer, because you will need to do more than one application of the chemical for your chive problem to disappear. So if you don’t mind waiting awhile to re-seed your lawn and then waiting for it to re-grow, then this may be the option you will choose.

Another option that is new to the market is to use a product called Weed-Free Zone by Fertilome. This product is a selective weed killer for lawns. It will kill the unwanted weeds in your lawn without damaging or killing your grass. The label includes wild onions/garlic which belongs to the same family as the wild chive. By following the directions on the label, and targeting and applying to the patches of the wild chive you should have success in eradicating this nuisance plant from your lawn. I actually like to use this product for all of my weed problems in my lawn. It is very effective on mallow, clover and dandelions. I like how it kills the weeds and leaves the healthy grass intact.

Getting rid of wild chives or wild onions in your lawn can be a nightmare. However, with diligence and persistence, you can knock them out and have that healthy lawn you crave for the summer. Which method will you choose to eradicate the chives and wild onions from your lawn?

Photo by Matthew Bridges