Mailbox inspiration

Does your mind ever go to weird places?  Do you ever find inspiration for your home and garden in the most unusual places?  Some times I do.

As I was walking to the mailbox  the other day I was thinking of all the unique mailboxes I have seen over the years and how some of these might be used to decorate my garden.  There are house mail boxes  and cow mail boxes, I even saw one once that was shaped like a baseball hat.

What kind of mail box design could you use in your garden this spring?  I did some looking online and do you know that besides the standard half oval residential mailboxes residential mailboxes that come in hundreds maybe even thousands of shapes, sizes and colors there are more then a ton of them that looking nothing like a mailbox at first glance.  As I was looking through these a storm of ideas came to mind for ways I could use them to decorate my home and garden and even use them for a organizing things here in my office.  You could use small square wall mount to keep your keys in.  You could use and extra wide stainless steel one for locking documents in.  The possibilities are endless.  Heck you might even just decide to replace your existing mailbox.

Even if your neighborhood or house already has a mailbox provided, do not fret take a look at some of the more interesting shapes and designs for the mailbox and I think you will agree that maybe there is more to the mail box then just mail.