A Gardening Carnival-November 26, 2008

Welcome to the November 26, 2008 edition of a gardening carnival.

Condo Blues presents Three Easy, Natural, and Free Fall Centerpieces posted at Condo Blues.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Yard Yarns (Limerick and Haiku Prompt) posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.


GrrlScientist presents Lotus Blossom posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “Lotus blossom. Photographed at Attwater, Texas.”

Laurie Bluedorn presents Trivium Pursuit » Blog Archive » Flowers posted at Laurie Bluedorn, saying, “Here is a tour of our garden as it was in August.”


Sarah presents Guide to Buying Sprinklers | Winter Lawn Care – Lawn Care Tips posted at Lawn Care Tips, saying, “A guide to buying the right sprinklers for your lawn.”

Machione presents GREEN ACRES Is The Place To Be… posted at Fear And Loathing – The Gonzo Papers, saying, “This summer a vegetable garden popped up in The Writer’s Refuge.”

Kilroy_60 presents I Took Time For Myself… posted at The Lives and Times… of Anthony McCune, saying, “Yesterday I made a point of taking time for myself. I shot photos of the lamb’s ear my mate planted in the garden.”

Hortois presents What Ornamental Grasses to Grow posted at The Compost Heap, saying, “Top grasses and bamboos”

Rachel Kayne presents An RKayne Garden: Northwest Garden Show posted at An RKayne Garden, saying, “organics, water gardening, indoors and out, container, I do it all (oh, and bonsai!).”

Wilfrid presents Time Saving Gardening Techniques posted at Gardening Tips For Beginners, saying, “A few techniques that can go a long way when it comes to making your gardening more efficient”

house plants

Hortoris presents Conservatory Plants posted at The Compost Heap, saying, “Indoor plants see also http://gardenerstips.co.uk/blog/flowers/hibiscus-senensis/”

Dereck presents Gardening in the Winter posted at I Will Not Die.


GrrlScientist presents Manhattan in Autumn at the Anne Loftus Playground posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “The Anne Loftus playground, which is located in the northeast corner of Fort Tryon Park in Inwood (Manhattan), was named in honor of Anne Loftus (1925-1989), who was a businesswoman and a neighborhood administrator. The park itself, which covers 67 acres, was named for Sir William Tryon, who was a Major General and the last British governor of colonial New York.”

Lauren Rose presents Choosing the Best Plants for your Garden posted at Own Home Style .com, saying, “How to choose the best plants for your garden”

organic gardening

Karen Shanley presents Author Mom with Dogs » Blog Archive » Zucchinis or Squashes Setting Small Fruit? Absence of Bees May Require Hand Pollinating posted at Karen Shanley.


Woman Tribune presents Top 10 Produce You Should Buy Organic posted at Woman Tribune.

Kathy Hester (GeekyPoet) presents Grow Your Own Lettuce posted at Walk a Greener Path.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of a gardening carnival using our carnival submission form. The next edition will be posted on December 24, 2008.

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Podcast: Treating Thatch in a Lawn

podcast.jpgWe are pleased to announce that Her Gardening Blog will be airing a weekly podcast for all of your gardening needs. We are excited to bring you the latest and greatest information to help your garden grow more beautiful each season.

This week we are focusing on lawn care by discussing thatch in a lawn. We will discuss what thatch is and what you need to do about it in order to have a beautiful lawn every year. We will even tell you why you need to worry about thatch. We will discuss power raking to remove the thatch and when you need to ideally power rake your lawn. We will also discuss the importance of applying a product containing humic acid or humates and what benefits that will bring to your lawn.

If you have a question for us here at Her Gardening Blog, please leave a comment below the podcast. We will be happy to answer your questions and build an entire weekly podcast around them. Enjoy!





Photo by: Stuart Whitmore

Announcing: A Gardening Carnival

carnival-ride.JPGHere at Her Gardening Blog, we are dedicated to bringing you the very best information to help your garden grow bigger, better and more beautiful each season. One of the things we are going to be doing each month is to play host to a blog carnival. We have aptly named it: A Gardening Carnival.
Our hope is that we can bring you the best of the best about gardening from around the world. We know that together we can create a fantastic network of gardening information that will become invaluable to you as a gardener. Our hope is that this will help the newest gardener to the fanatic, including myself.

So here is how it is going to work. Each month I will receive entries of permalinks to showcase here at Her Gardening Blog. I will gather them together throughout the month and at the end of the month, I will publish a blog post that will share all of these wonderful tidbits through links that are available for your perusal. I will try to make this as fun as I possibly can so that you will enjoy our carnival atmosphere each month. I will even have specific themes off and on for our carnival, making it a garden party you just won’t want to miss. And oh, so you can schedule time on your busy calendar for our gardening carnival, I will make it easy for you. We will be publishing the carnival on the last Wednesday of each and every month. So that means that our first one will launch on Wednesday, May 28, 2008.

I have already received some great entries that you will want to be sure to read! But I want lots more! If you have an entry that you would like to submit, then please be sure to click here. This will take you to our carnival page at Blog Carnival. Just follow the easy steps listed there and I will be happy to include your gardening article in our gardening carnival on May 28. This month’s theme is anything and everything to do with gardening. Consider it to be Carte Blanche.

So get ready to get out your best gardening gloves and shovels to party at our gardening carnival each and every month. If you have some theme ideas for future editions, please leave a comment. We want this party to be the best and to take you for a gardening carnival ride you won’t soon forget!

Photo by: Michael J Summerville