Protecting Your Garden

While most people would pay a lot of attention towards protecting their home from outside threat, few would think of protecting the perimeter of the house- i.e outside the house that includes the garden and porch area.  Protecting the garden is a very important consideration too. If the garden and outside space provides easy access to a burglar, they can quite easily break in into the home, thus compromising its safety and probably your own safety as well.


A garden or shed that provides easy access to an outsider could mean that the burglar could easily rob your garden accessories, any plants or even tools! So, what could you do to make sure you protect your garden as well? Here are some points to remember:

  1. Ensure that you have a garden fence and a garden gate that is locked or at least kept closed at all times.
  2. Install surveillance equipment like a CCTV camera if you have valuable possessions in your garden
  3. Install good lighting around your garden- a lighted area can be a big deterrent for potential burglary attempts
  4. Consider keeping expensive gardening equipment like the mower, ladder etc in a garden shed if they are kept in the open.
    1. If your garden has any external doors going into the house, make sure that you it is locked at all times when you are not in the house. Also secure all opening windows with key locks, or a wire mesh.

This post has been sponsored by Darfen Durafencing, a security fencing company specialising in the b2b industry.

Urban Gardening Tips

A large, sun drenched back yard may be the ideal place to plant a garden but millions of people living in urban areas across the world a back yard, even a small one, just isn’t an option. Luckily, even a space as small as a fire escape can be used by anyone with a green thumb to plant a modest but tasty or aesthetically pleasing garden.

One of the best ways to take advantage of limited space is by container gardening. You can find plants and containers to fit almost any area. Also, with container gardening you can utilize your vertical space by building shelves and stacking your plants or hang containers from the ceiling. If one of your plants is infected with pests or disease you can isolate that container from the rest of the plants. As a result spider mite control, as well as pest treatment in general, is fairly easy.

When choosing your container you may want to consider a few guidelines. Plastic pots may deteriorate in UV light while wooden containers can rot. Glazed ceramic pots will need holes for drainage. If you are living in a warm climate you should use light-colored containers to help lessen heat absorption. Clay pots should be monitored for moisture loss since clay is porous and water may be lost from the sides of the container.

Rooftop Gardening is another option for city dwellers. One advantage of rooftop gardening is that it helps reduce energy costs. The greenery covering the roof will help reduce that roof’s temperature. Also, rooftop gardens retain rainwater and thus help to prevent flooding. If multiple people are gardening on a single roof this may also help build a sense of community among tenants.

Just because someone lives in the concrete jungle doesn’t mean they can’t have their own garden. With a little ingenuity and proper planning any space, like a roof or fire escape or even a closet, can be transformed into a thriving garden.

Artificial grass lawn instead

At first this might seem contradictory. That is because schools generally consider
cutting costs before spending more money on major land developments. However,
schools that spend a small amount to have their yards reconstructed with
artificial grass will help save them financially in the future, and here are a
few ways these fake lawns can help.

First of all having an artificial turf installed in one’s school will save them on maintenance costs year round. This is because artificial grass does not require any maintenance. There is no need to water, soil, or reseed the lawn.

There is also no need for fungus or pest control. Schools have high maintenance costs due to the large number of people who attend! With people constantly using their property, schools to quickly develop problems with pest control, mold, and fungus. These can be detrimental to a child’s health.  However, having an artificial lawn installed will help reduce the chances of bug infestation ruing any chance for further fungal development out in the school yard.

Finding artificial turf is easy online, and there are a variety of websites that provide wholesale artificial turf to their larger consumers. Also buying this fake grass in bulk can further save schools money, and they might even be able to provide further discounts for public schools in need.

It is thanks to these long term savings on maintenance costs and hazard preventions that can really help a financially struggling school and that can help preserve the jobs of staff members and teachers alike.!  Therefore, having artificial grass is not only a need! for schools, but a must for all who attend!

Preparing for your garden printing needs

I don’t know about your house, but around here things are sprouting all over.  All of the herbs and vegetables that we started indoors have taken off like weeds.  We are already having dreams of fresh vegetables and canning for the winter. This of course made my practical planning side start thinking about what need for the garden and even for canning.  I know that harvest is still a long way off but some of the things we are going to need sooner rather then later and as always I would rather plan ahead.

So I went to the office to start printing my Row labels for the garden and discovered that thing we all dread – I was almost out of printer ink.  So I wend looking for a place that had ink for my printer.  I don’t know if you have looked lately but there are a lot of places that sell ink online.  I finally came across a site that claimed they had cheap ink.  The great news is that unlike so many places online this claim was true.  They are even running a 10% off spring sale right now.  The best part of all was the selection.  I have had a lot of printers over the years and I was amazed how many different types of inkjet cartridges they had in available and even moreso that they had them in stock.  I have purchased printer ink from many places that list a lot of different ink but when you go to order every kind of ink you want is surprisingly out of stock.

Whether you are looking for ink for printer to print labels for you garden row markers or a way to print out your favorite recipe or even later on labels for your canning jars check these guys out they have the ink you need

Artificial Grass Can Cost Less Than You Think

Fake turf doesn’t look so fake anymore.  In fact, more and more people are using a fake! lawn as grass for their backyards!

How can that be?  Isn’t artificial grass expensive?

It doesn’t have to be!

Artificial grass offers a ton of benefits, but the biggest one is price.  Whether you have a small yard or a giant park to worry about, artificial grass can fit into your budget.

And, it’s not like real grass is free.  After all, when you consider watering, mowing, and fertilizing, real grass can be awfully expensive!

However, artificial grass is a one-time cost.  Sure, you will have to pay for the materials and installation.  But once your artificial grass is in, the expense ! is done.  You never have to maintain it, so you never have to spring for a professional landscaping company, lawn tools, or even the money it would take to water it!

Guest Posting by Bobby Quill

How to grow the perfect roses

Roses can be grown in containers or in the ground and gardens look all the more beautiful because of their presence. Many people seem unsure as how best to grow them especially as there are so many different varieties. With the proper care however they can grow perfectly and can be enjoyed for years. Roses need sunshine, correct drainage and plenty of fertiliser. Roses are hungry feeders and will need a lot of water as well as manure. Ideally the plants should be offered protection from a wind such as a fence or a natural barrier such as a bush.

A gardener needs to think about what type of rose is required. A climber can be used to climb up over an old wall and a shrub rose will give pleasure if planted in a large container near the house. These lovely plants can be used in various situations in the garden such as climbing up an old tree stump or to cover an unsightly building. If planted near to the house, sweet scented varieties are ideal. Many varieties have little or no scent but give pleasure with their colour and long flowering season and gardeners need to take all these factors into account when selecting roses for their gardens. The flowers are useful as well as beautiful and can be used as mothers day flowers or in a vase in the home. For someone considering flower deliveries, most UK companies will include a rose or two in their arrangements.

Soil needs to have good drainage as the plants will die if their roots stay wet for too long. If soil is waterlogged it is advisable to add grit or sand to help water to run through. An easy way to check soil is to dig a hole and fill it with water. After a couple of hours if there is still water in the hole then drainage needs to be improved before roses are planted.

A hole needs to be able to accommodate the root system of the rose which should be firmly planted. The end of the roots can be clipped to stimulate root growth. For perfect growth, the plants need to have an application of fertiliser in spring and summer. Anyone involved in flower deliveries will know the best way to treat them and will be glad to advise.

At the end of the flowering season the plants can be pruned. Dead wood, dead leaves and old flower heads can be cut off. In February roses can be pruned back again to ensure good growth. It is often said that roses do not like to be moved so it is advisable to plan carefully the position of the plant in the garden. Also gardeners should not plant a rose in a hole where another rose has been as this may cause root disease. Treated properly roses should give many years of pleasure and are ideal when used as mothers day flowers or as gifts for other occasions. Flower deliveries invariably use roses amongst their bouquets.

Plattsmouth School Board Considers Artificial Turf

Guest Posting by Bobby Quill

While many academic institutions across the country have already embraced artificial turf, others are discussing the idea and looking into artificial grass prices. The Journal reports that Plattsmouth Board of Education members heard advice from coaches and community members last month regarding a notion to install artificial turf on the Plattsmouth High School football field.

The group’s monthly workshop last month was attended by mostly members who approved the idea of replacing the field’s natural grass surface with artificial grass. According to the article, the board has spent the last few months collecting data and input from local citizens and researching artificial turf manufacturers.

 “The benefits of something like AstroTurf would be astronomical for our band program,” the PHS band instructor Zac Konrad told the paper. “I wanted to come here to tell you that this isn’t just an athletics issue. I’m really excited about the possibilities if this happens. It would help our marching band a lot to have a field to practice on every day.”

Just like residential artificial grass, the new surface would help the school save money on water and maintenance bills.

Mailbox inspiration

Does your mind ever go to weird places?  Do you ever find inspiration for your home and garden in the most unusual places?  Some times I do.

As I was walking to the mailbox  the other day I was thinking of all the unique mailboxes I have seen over the years and how some of these might be used to decorate my garden.  There are house mail boxes  and cow mail boxes, I even saw one once that was shaped like a baseball hat.

What kind of mail box design could you use in your garden this spring?  I did some looking online and do you know that besides the standard half oval residential mailboxes residential mailboxes that come in hundreds maybe even thousands of shapes, sizes and colors there are more then a ton of them that looking nothing like a mailbox at first glance.  As I was looking through these a storm of ideas came to mind for ways I could use them to decorate my home and garden and even use them for a organizing things here in my office.  You could use small square wall mount to keep your keys in.  You could use and extra wide stainless steel one for locking documents in.  The possibilities are endless.  Heck you might even just decide to replace your existing mailbox.

Even if your neighborhood or house already has a mailbox provided, do not fret take a look at some of the more interesting shapes and designs for the mailbox and I think you will agree that maybe there is more to the mail box then just mail.

Making Bird Tenants Welcome

We have almost made it through.  Soon the sun will be shining, the birds will be singing and it will be spring again.  There is something magical about birds calling our yard their home, but if we really want to enjoy them and our garden we need to create a living space for these creatures so they are welcome guests rather then welcome pests.

The first thing we would do with any company is make sure we feed them.  When looking at a bird feeder we need to spend a little time finding out what birds are local to our area.  Although the design of many bird feeders is similar the way these flying friends eat and what they eat is as diverse as the possible cuisine in your neighborhood.  There is nothing more disappointing then buying a bird feeder and looking forward to seeing a certain type of bird only to find out that particular bird never comes around our house, would never eat out of that type of feeder or doesn’t eat the food we served.  Just like being sure we are aware of the dietary needs of our children’s friend when they come over we need to make sure first we understand the bird feeder needs of our feather visitors.

Once we start feeding the birds and word gets out we have the food they are looking for the birds will flock (pun intended) to our house.  If we want them to do more then just stop buy for a bite we need to provide the birds a nice bird house to live.  Since we now know what kind of birds we will have we can use that information to also determine what kind of bird house they need.  We can get birdhouses in sizes, shapes, colors, and styles so that the house will make the birds want to nest there as well as become a compliment to décor of our yard and garden.

What bird sanctuary back yard would be complete without a bird bath.  As you can imagine a refreshing break from flying around is a nice clean bath to splash in and relax in.  Besides pedestal style bird baths we all think of there are bird baths that can be mounted to a deck railing, ones that can be integrated into our garden pond and many other styles to choose from.  There are even bird baths that come with heaters and de-icers so that your back yard tenants can use them all year round to get a nice drink and keep themselves clean.

If you are lucky enough to life in an area where the are my favorite is the hummingbird.  As we know these speedy little creatures never stop flapping, even to eat.  Of course there is a special hummingbird feeder  just to meet their needs.  If hummingbirds live in your area I would encourage you to get some feeders for them.  It is an exciting treat to watch this beautiful little creature flit around our yard and drink from the feeder.  You won’t regret it.

No matter what kind of birds you end up with in your yard this year make them feel welcome with these few special things you can do to make your world inviting to our avian friends.

Artificial Grass and Recycling

When you buy artificial turf for your home lawn, you are making a commitment to environmental responsibility in many ways. Installing a synthetic lawn at your home to replace an existing natural grass lawn reduces the use of gasoline and other fossil fuels needed to maintain a lawn, since fake lawn grass is virtually maintenance-free. In addition, artificial grass doesn’t require watering, allowing you to stop wasting precious water to keep your lawn from dying.

An artificial turf lawn is also an environmentally smart decision because it gives the option to recycle your lawn when it is time to be replaced. Artificial lawns will eventually need to be replaced — although that won’t happen in decades. But when you do need to replace a synthetic surface, the vast majority of the material can be recycled, meaning that you won’t need to worry about your lawn taking up space in a garbage landfill when you are done with it.

Some types of artificial grass are specifically made with blends of natural and synthetic elements to make them easier to recycle, and many manufacturers attempt to use as many pre-used materials in constructing their grass fibers as possible.