The Houston Real Estate Beauty Factor

Houston is known for being the “melting pot” because of its diversity and flexibility with zoning laws. With many different cultures integrated into one giant circle and it, of course, being a Texas city, many homeowners care about the appearance of their homes and lawns. Texas is known for the “King of the Hill” references where the two most important things are Barbeque and your lawn.



Because the state is so massive, there’s an abundance of land, even among the big 4 cities, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. These areas are home to suburbs that allow for large plots of land which can be used for pastures or farming. The people of these cities take pride in their land and what they raise and grow. Many neighborhoods even within the city prioritize their individual and shared land and try to make them as well-kept as possible.


Specifically in Houston, there are some new development areas that have risen and keep their appearance as the top priority, including the Cinco Ranch community and Sugar Land. New development areas can even require higher insurance because of their requirements, such as with cypress home insurance. These are the newer extensions around Houston that are ever growing and continuously building new residential and commercial development. There are also some areas that are being re-developed, and turning old rundown properties into new, up and coming and highly desired subdivisions, such as the East Downtown district. Many new families are buying up the new development through this area because of the development plan and how the real estate market in that particular sector is reacting to recent changes.


When it comes to buying real estate property in Houston, there are two major methods. The first is browsing available properties in the MLS with a loca real estate agent. They will be able to show you homes that have been around and are available on the market, in almost any area of the city. These are generally for when a family is ready to move into a new home that requires little to no work to make it the ideal place to raise children, or when it’s in a school district that is suitable for their children.


The second method is using a real estate investor, or wholesaler, to try picking up a property at a discount. These properties are often in need of some repair, or might even be in less desirable locations, so it takes a little longer to wait for the right deal. With some luck, you may even find some in really good condition and simply were vacant for a time or inherited, so they remained maintained. When you work with a we buy homes company, they will generally have select properties under contract, and these properties will require full payment. So, it would be best to have pre-approval from a mortgage company, cash in hand, or a private lender in order to purchase them. The wait could be worth it when you purchase a home valued at $300,000 for only $120,000.


In either case, it’s important to note what the HOA rules are and what kind of land comes with the house. You’ll definitely want something with a sizeable yard so that you can grow a garden or have space for your kids’ outdoor activities. But remember that most neighborhoods are looking to keep them clean, well-kept, and trimmed so as to preserve the appearance in value.


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