Make your community a better place

Roughly 3000 causes were submitted to State Farm Neighborhood Assist program for the chance to get funding worth $25 000. People from across the United States and Canada had until March 6 to submit their causes and now it’s your time to vote for them. To make it easier, the State Farm Youth Advisory Board that consists of a rather diverse group of 30 students reviewed each and every submission and selected 200 finalists. Now these 200 top causes have until April 22 to get as many votes from people as possible and to win a $25 000 grant. Altogether 40 of the most-voted causes will be receiving the grant.

Everyone are allowed to vote up to 10 times a day through facebook app available at That’s also where you can review all of the selected 200 causes.

According to the Youth Advisory Board member Cynthia Villalvazo from University of Missouri the oldest person to submit a cause was 86 while the youngest one was just 13. She also said that 167 of the people submitting the causes were between ages 13 and 19.

Among the number of submitted causes were causes related to health, literacy, wellness as well as veterans and supporting the poor.

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Santa Cruz Organic launches Sweet Deed Society

August 8, 2012 is the last day when you can submit good deeds to Sweet Deed Society. Fortunately, for now you still have a month to remind yourself the good deeds you have witnessed or experienced yourself.

Sweet Deed Society is a campaign by Santa Cruz Organic, a pioneer organic brand with 100% juices, blends and the first to have used only organic fruits provided by companies certified by third-party organizations. Right now with over 80 organic items in their product list, they offer health-conscious people organic chocolate syrups, fruit sauces, fruit spreads, peanut butters, and of course juices and sparkling drinks.

The Sweet Deed Society has been launched to promote the good deeds people have done, to recognize them and to get more people involved in the helping business. During this campaign, for each good deed you share with them, they are donating $5 to America’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity. And they will be donating $5 per every daily submission until the time runs out (August 8, 2012) or they have reached the number $20 000. Santa Cruz Organic in partnership with Feeding America are able to provide 160 000 meals for that, as Feeding America will be securing 8 meals on behalf of food banks for every $1 donated.

Take part of the campaign and share the stories! And if you’re lucky, you can also win a trip worth $3500, both to you, the nominator, as well as to the nominee.

Does your dog like your yard

Having a dog can be rewarding, and there are other times when the kids forgot to pick up after them or they dig a hole under your new fence that you question why you ever got a dog.  But have you ever asked yourself, “does my dog like his yard”.

It is a simple question really but may come up with some difficult answers.  Does he have a place to dig?  Or is there a deeper reason to why he does dig?  Is your yard a place your dog sees as a playground or a detention yard?  Dogs do best when there have boundaries.  Your dog would much prefer to have a smaller portion of your yard that he can really enjoy then to have this excitingly curious whole world to explore that is filled with things he isn’t supposed to touch or go near and DEFINITELY isn’t suppose to pee on – LOL

Take a look at your yard today and ask yourself, “what could I do to make my yard enjoyable for my dog?”.  Then take some time, set some limits and set up some fun for you and your dog to enjoy your yard together!

5 Things to think about when moving

So your moving?  You have found the perfect house and are packing boxes.  Now is the time for you to start thinking about and planning for your lawn and garden needs.  Here are a few simple tips to make your move smoother:

  1. Keep all your lawn and garden items together – because these tools are often oddly shaped it is easy for them to end up in all sorts of places throughout the moving truck
  2. Pack them together – odd shaped items can be hard to pack but if you use things like work gloves and potting soil bags to fill in spaces having it all together can be a real time saver
  3. Know where your lawn and garden items should go – often these items get thrown off to the side when unpacking the truck and can then be strewn all over the house and garage.  Plan a little space and have everything put there to begin with
  4. Don’t tackle the whole house and yard all at once – whether the house is perfectly manicured or a complete wreck, doing a little each day will get you a lot further then trying to do it all at once; getting burnt out; and never finishing
  5. Don’t forget this is something you are supposed to do to make you like your house more – even if you community has standards your lawn has to be kept to remember your house first and foremost needs to be a HOME

Moving can be stressful enough! Take your time and enjoy the process and you will reap the rewards for a long time to come.

Gardening Blog in 2012

Do you love gardening? Do you hate gardening? Or have you never even thought about a garden, but you know growing plants exist? No matter your level of interest we are expanding Her Gardening Blog this year to have helpful tips for all around your house, your yard, your neighborhood and your world. Unless you are from another planet, it is our intent to have something here that will help you.

Should his antidote mount a stumbling soup?  Do you know what this means? We dont know either but stay tuned and maybe before the year is over we will all find out

We are making great strides this year and as we start off the spring with a bang watch out for new and exciting changes here are her gardening blog!

Urban Gardening Tips

A large, sun drenched back yard may be the ideal place to plant a garden but millions of people living in urban areas across the world a back yard, even a small one, just isn’t an option. Luckily, even a space as small as a fire escape can be used by anyone with a green thumb to plant a modest but tasty or aesthetically pleasing garden.

One of the best ways to take advantage of limited space is by container gardening. You can find plants and containers to fit almost any area. Also, with container gardening you can utilize your vertical space by building shelves and stacking your plants or hang containers from the ceiling. If one of your plants is infected with pests or disease you can isolate that container from the rest of the plants. As a result spider mite control, as well as pest treatment in general, is fairly easy.

When choosing your container you may want to consider a few guidelines. Plastic pots may deteriorate in UV light while wooden containers can rot. Glazed ceramic pots will need holes for drainage. If you are living in a warm climate you should use light-colored containers to help lessen heat absorption. Clay pots should be monitored for moisture loss since clay is porous and water may be lost from the sides of the container.

Rooftop Gardening is another option for city dwellers. One advantage of rooftop gardening is that it helps reduce energy costs. The greenery covering the roof will help reduce that roof’s temperature. Also, rooftop gardens retain rainwater and thus help to prevent flooding. If multiple people are gardening on a single roof this may also help build a sense of community among tenants.

Just because someone lives in the concrete jungle doesn’t mean they can’t have their own garden. With a little ingenuity and proper planning any space, like a roof or fire escape or even a closet, can be transformed into a thriving garden.

Artificial Grass and Recycling

When you buy artificial turf for your home lawn, you are making a commitment to environmental responsibility in many ways. Installing a synthetic lawn at your home to replace an existing natural grass lawn reduces the use of gasoline and other fossil fuels needed to maintain a lawn, since fake lawn grass is virtually maintenance-free. In addition, artificial grass doesn’t require watering, allowing you to stop wasting precious water to keep your lawn from dying.

An artificial turf lawn is also an environmentally smart decision because it gives the option to recycle your lawn when it is time to be replaced. Artificial lawns will eventually need to be replaced — although that won’t happen in decades. But when you do need to replace a synthetic surface, the vast majority of the material can be recycled, meaning that you won’t need to worry about your lawn taking up space in a garbage landfill when you are done with it.

Some types of artificial grass are specifically made with blends of natural and synthetic elements to make them easier to recycle, and many manufacturers attempt to use as many pre-used materials in constructing their grass fibers as possible.

Dreams of an Outdoor Firepit

As I sit here staring at my gas fireplace, my thoughts go to an outdoor gas logs firepit. I love being outside. I love being in the hot tub on a crisp day. I tend to use my hot tub long after most people have shut theirs down for the season. What I have always wanted was a glassed in room overlooking the garden with a hot tub and a nice gas fireplace. Now don’t get me wrong wood burning fireplaces are great but once you have had a gas fireplace it is really hard to go go back to wood. With a wood fireplace you have to want to buy wood or pellets for them constantly. You have to keep adding wood or pellets to them while they are running to keep them working. Not to mention having to clean ash out of them and so on. It is so wonderful when you can just flip the switch and have a nice, warm fire in minutes. Gas logs are SO much easier to use and much more convenient.

So lets talk about what we will need to have a gas logs fireplace. First we need to determine what is the area our fireplace is going to be like; Is it indoors or is it outdoors? Can we use a ventless gas log or do we need a vent? Then, of course, we need to know what company would make us a great deal on all our gas log needs? One company I know of is Hansen Wholesale. Hansen is an exclusive dealer for R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs. They guarantee the lowest price, which is a tough claim to make these days on the internet, but they make it. Hansen Wholesale has been making this guarantee since they opening in 1994. Perhaps the best news of all is that Hansen Wholesale is currently running a $75 additional discount AND no sales tax AND FREE shipping!!! – Now how is THAT for a heck of a deal.

The shocking part of the whole gas logs fireplace decision isn’t the price, it is how many different types, styles, and options there is to choose from. That is why I love the Gas Log FAQ which helps you determine not only what there is available, but what you are looking for, how things work, why they work that way and what will work best for you.

So why not; let’s have a gas logs firepit in our backyard or screen porch area and enjoy the outdoors even more. Think of how much longer (maybe even all year long) we can enjoy the outdoors if we have a nice, blazing fire to cuddle up to while we watch the sunset.

What is the brightest flower in our garden?

What is the brightest flower in our garden?

The only thing more beautiful in our garden then our favorite plant is seeing our daughter in pretty new dress smelling the flowers and beginning to develop a love for gardening like we have.

I am sure that like so many of us, when you take pictures of your children, especially one of those beautiful new girls dresses your daughter just got, you love to pose them in your garden. Though sun and rain may make our garden grow, though we may have spent countless unnoticed hours weeding, trimming, pruning and even designing and planning there is nothing that makes the flowers in our garden bloom like that bright smiling face standing next to our prize rose bush. It is as if the rose bush itself feels more alive just having the shine bright energy next to it.

I know make you want go shopping then make all the rain and/or snow stop so you can run those little cherubs outside and take a thousand pictures of them to post on Facebook. And of course if we take just a little pride in how nice our garden looks, well that’s just a personal bonus.

Don’t Let a Little leak Destroy Your Joy

The beauty of our garden always makes us happy, but if our roof is leaking or we can’t sit under the gazebo during a nice warm summer rain and enjoy watching our plants then we have a problem. In Austin Texas there is a simple solution Austin Roofing Repair.

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To enjoy your garden you must feel comfortable and enjoy your home. Don’t let a small leak become a big problem choose a company who believes in long term quality and high value in every project they take on. No matter the roofing problem in Austin Texas the solution, Austin Roofing Contractor.