Make your community a better place

Roughly 3000 causes were submitted to State Farm Neighborhood Assist program for the chance to get funding worth $25 000. People from across the United States and Canada had until March 6 to submit their causes and now it’s your time to vote for them. To make it easier, the State Farm Youth Advisory Board that consists of a rather diverse group of 30 students reviewed each and every submission and selected 200 finalists. Now these 200 top causes have until April 22 to get as many votes from people as possible and to win a $25 000 grant. Altogether 40 of the most-voted causes will be receiving the grant.

Everyone are allowed to vote up to 10 times a day through facebook app available at That’s also where you can review all of the selected 200 causes.

According to the Youth Advisory Board member Cynthia Villalvazo from University of Missouri the oldest person to submit a cause was 86 while the youngest one was just 13. She also said that 167 of the people submitting the causes were between ages 13 and 19.

Among the number of submitted causes were causes related to health, literacy, wellness as well as veterans and supporting the poor.

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