Lawsuit about Tree Damage Caused by the Weed-Killer Imprelis reached settlement

A settlement has finally been reached with the manufacturer of the weed-killer Imprelis®. According to the lawsuit Weed-Killer Imprelis, that was used by property owners, lawn care professionals as well as golf courses and alike, the product killed or damaged trees and other types of vegetation.

Consumers as well as businesses who have been using the product and whose vegetation has been damaged by Imprelis are now able to get back their losses.

The settlement includes three classes.

Property owners will be able to get benefits for tree removal as well as cash for replacing the trees. Lawn care professionals will be reimbursed for their time and expenses that have incurred while assessing the damaged caused by Imprelis on their customers properties (before September 6, 2011). They will also be eligible for refunds for any unused product they still have. Golf courses and alike will be eligible for all the same benefits as property owners plus also a reimbursement of up to $2000.

More information about the settlement can be found in the player below as well as at

Note that the court will be holding a hearing on Septmeber 27, 2013 to decide whether to approve the settlement.

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