Santa Cruz Organic launches Sweet Deed Society

August 8, 2012 is the last day when you can submit good deeds to Sweet Deed Society. Fortunately, for now you still have a month to remind yourself the good deeds you have witnessed or experienced yourself.

Sweet Deed Society is a campaign by Santa Cruz Organic, a pioneer organic brand with 100% juices, blends and the first to have used only organic fruits provided by companies certified by third-party organizations. Right now with over 80 organic items in their product list, they offer health-conscious people organic chocolate syrups, fruit sauces, fruit spreads, peanut butters, and of course juices and sparkling drinks.

The Sweet Deed Society has been launched to promote the good deeds people have done, to recognize them and to get more people involved in the helping business. During this campaign, for each good deed you share with them, they are donating $5 to America’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity. And they will be donating $5 per every daily submission until the time runs out (August 8, 2012) or they have reached the number $20 000. Santa Cruz Organic in partnership with Feeding America are able to provide 160 000 meals for that, as Feeding America will be securing 8 meals on behalf of food banks for every $1 donated.

Take part of the campaign and share the stories! And if you’re lucky, you can also win a trip worth $3500, both to you, the nominator, as well as to the nominee.