Protecting Your Garden

While most people would pay a lot of attention towards protecting their home from outside threat, few would think of protecting the perimeter of the house- i.e outside the house that includes the garden and porch area.  Protecting the garden is a very important consideration too. If the garden and outside space provides easy access to a burglar, they can quite easily break in into the home, thus compromising its safety and probably your own safety as well.


A garden or shed that provides easy access to an outsider could mean that the burglar could easily rob your garden accessories, any plants or even tools! So, what could you do to make sure you protect your garden as well? Here are some points to remember:

  1. Ensure that you have a garden fence and a garden gate that is locked or at least kept closed at all times.
  2. Install surveillance equipment like a CCTV camera if you have valuable possessions in your garden
  3. Install good lighting around your garden- a lighted area can be a big deterrent for potential burglary attempts
  4. Consider keeping expensive gardening equipment like the mower, ladder etc in a garden shed if they are kept in the open.
    1. If your garden has any external doors going into the house, make sure that you it is locked at all times when you are not in the house. Also secure all opening windows with key locks, or a wire mesh.

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