Organic Weed Control

The other day I talked about the many weeds I currently have in my garden. I really let it get away from me as I have been spending my time remodeling my home. I started out using the tiller to get the weeds down between the rows of vegetables. However, that is some pretty hard work considering how tall the weeds have become. Today I am going to take my lawn mower and mow the weeds down between my squash and cucumber plants. Then I will roto-till the rest of the weeds that are there. Mowing them down first will be perhaps a little easier to till them under.

An old fashioned hoe will be what I use to get the weeds out from between the plants. What I really wish I had was what is used in the video I found for your enjoyment today. It would sure make it even easier to practice organic weed control!

What is your favorite method for getting rid of the weeds in your garden? Leave me a comment and share.


  1. thanks for both the video and also for the nice post.old fashioned hoe seems to work quite well.

  2. Thanks for both the video “vegetable garden” “WEED CONTROL” and also for the nice post.But the tractor is so old it necessary to change for best harvest…..

  3. thanks a lot, the video was very informative! :)

  4. Seriously both thing are amazing